2017 Regional Summary

About the 2017 Boston Area Regional Conference:
This UFDC Region 15 event theme was "Little Women" and was held at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel & Conference Center, located at 1657 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA 01701. 

Event souvenir:
Our souvenir artist was the beloved felt and ball jointed doll master Maggie Iacono!

Highlights of the conference included:
  • Two meal events
  • Helpers 
  • Programs 
  • Extra ticketed meal events
  • Workshops
  • Competitive exhibit 
  • Seminars
  • Free hotel shuttle within a 3 mile radius of the hotel 
  • Optional extra ticketed pre- and post- conference bus trips to historic and doll related highlights in Concord, MA and Boston, MA

Conference fees were as follows:
  • Full Registration: $349 for UFDC members and $375 for non UFDC members.
  • Limited Registration: $200 for UFDC members and $225 for non UFDC members $225. 
  • There was a cancellation fee of $30.  All cancellations must be in writing.  No refunds were given after March 1, 2017.

Hotel rate:
The special hotel rate for this event was $129/night (one to four people in a room). This rate was for the conference nights, plus 3 nights before and after. The hotel guaranteed that our rate would be the lowest that will be offered.

Archived forms and registration materials:
Click here for a downloadable version of the 2017 Boston Area Regional Conference registration form.  Please click here for our helper form.

Pre- and Post- Conference Bus Trips:

Here are a few programming highlights from our 2017 Boston Area Regional "Little Women" Conference:

Workshop skill level guide:
1 = easy, simple
2 = some skill or dexterity required
3 = good working skills on small pieces are needed
4 = advanced sewing skills or work with miniatures required


5-1/2" Barefoot Kestner
Instructor:  Pat Boldt
Description:  Students will dress this 5-1/2", glass eyed, all porcelain Kestner.  She is wearing a silk taffeta dress accented with cotton laces and silk ribbon. Her shoes and bonnet are made with the same fabric as her dress.
Instructor to provide: Doll, fabrics, laces, ribbon, and wig.
Students to bring:  Tweezers, small sharp scissors, tacky glue, ercu thread, needle, and tooth picks.
Cost:  $140.
Limit:  20 students.
Skill level: 3.
Please note:  Doll and outfit may vary slightly depending on material availability.

Sewing Kit
Instructor:  Beverly Hedge
Description:  Students will make a miniature sewing kit suitable for a 10" to 16" doll.  The kit will include precut pieces ready to assemble using glue and a needle and thread.  Three style choices will be available.
Instructor to provide: Complete kit.
Students to bring:  Small sharp scissors.
Cost:  $55.
Limit:  20 students.
Skill level: 2.
Please note:  Kit may vary slightly depending on material availability.

Wet-Felted Hats
Instructors:  Martha Sagues and Hilary Leonard
Description:  Students will learn wet-felting to create two hats.  The Derby style period hat fits Emma Jean or similar dolls and French fashion dolls.  The beret style fits 14" Betsy McCall and Bleuette. Students will take home damp hats, with pictures and instructions on how to trim their hats.
Instructor to provide: Complete, reusuable kit.
Students to bring:  Small sharp scissors.
Cost:  $55.
Limit:  20 students.
Skill level: 3.
Please note:  Kit may vary slightly depending on material availability.

Mary's Beautiful Dress
Instructor:  Betty Bezanson
Description:  Students will complete Mary's beautiful dress designed by Rosemarie Ionker.  It will fit a 10" doll.
Instructor to provide: All materials.
Students to bring:  A sewing kit, including small sharp scissors.
Cost:  $70.
Limit:  20 students.
Skill level: 2.
Please note: Final appearance and fabric selections may vary depending on material availability.

Mary's Beautiful Hat
Instructor:  Judith Phelps
Description:  Students will create a wide brimmed round English style shepardess hat.  Students will learn new decorating techniques and will complete a hat that will fit many dolls.
Instructor to provide: All materials.
Students to bring:  Small sharp scissors.
Cost:  $50.
Limit:  20 students.
Skill level: 1-2.
Please note: Final appearance and fabric selections may vary depending on material availability.

Beautiful Doll Shoes and Boots 
Instructor:  Barbara DeVilbiss
Description:  Students will make one pair of shoes or boots during the workshop.  An assortment of various colored leather shoe/boot kits will be available in the workshop for the student’s selection.  The cost of the seminar is for a simple slipper. In class, the students may choose to make a more difficult leather shoe (additional $5 paid to the instructor during the class) or a complex boot with multiple seams, handmade laces, buckle trim and tooled leather soles (additional $12.50 paid to the instructor during the class).  Please click here for more details and photos. 
Instructor to provide: Presewn leather and materials.
Students to bring:  Scissors, tweezers, assorted needles and a thimble.
Cost:  $37.50 for simple slipper; as noted for more complex footwear.
Limit:  20 students.
Skill level: 2-3.
Please note: Final appearance and fabric selections may vary depending on material availability.


Porcelains of Francois Gaultier
Instructor: Samy Odin
Description: Samy Odin will introduce students to the dolls of François Gaultier, one of the leading porcelain factories in the Paris area during the second half of the 19th century. He provided porcelain and bisque parts to a great variety of French doll companies at the time, including Thuillier, Rabery & Delphieu, Pannier, Falck & Roussel, Henri Delcroix, Gesland, and many more.
Students to bring: A porcelain doll for the identification portion of the seminar if desired.
Cost: $25.
Limit: 40 students.

Make Your Own Doll Clothes Patterns 
Instructor:  Jeannie Sieg
Description:  Students will explore the topic of drafting doll clothes patterns and all that this involves. Students will make a basic pattern, then learn how to customize it by changing sleeves, necklines, skirt shapes, and moving darts.  
Students to bring:  A doll between 10"-18", tape, scissors, measuring tape, and a pencil.
Cost:  $25.
Limit:  20 students.

Identifying Parian Type and Other Molded Hair Bisque Dolls
Instructor:  Fred Olson
Description:  Starting with the early molded hair bisque heads, students will be guided through how to recognize true Parian-type bisque heads.  Then, we'll continue on to the latter pink tinted molded hair dolls winding up with the later so-called stone bisque heads.
Cost:  $25.
Limit:  20 students.


Photographing Your Dolls  
Instructor:  Peggy Millhouse
Description:  This DDD will teach students how to use their iPads most effectively to photograph their dolls for archival, sharing, and research purposes.  Photo editing and photo effects will be discussed as well, including the most important and helpful "apps" available online.      
Cost:  $0.

Civil War Era Hats   
Instructor:  Barbara DeVilbiss
Description:  This DDD will cover the design and manufacturing details behind a number of lovely and elaborate hat styles worn in the 1860's time period.
Cost:  $0.

Mary Hoyer  
Instructor:  Susan Piefer
Description:  This DDD will discuss all things related to Mary Hoyer dolls.  The instructor is a close friend of Mary Hoyer's grand daughter, which will bring a unique perspective to the conversation.
Cost:  $0.

Instructor: Rebekah Kaufman, Archivist, Steiff North America
Description: This DDD will cover the history and design evolution behind Steiff's miniature dogs, cats, and other pint-size animals that are often displayed with dolls. Tips for identifying the age, condition, and value of vintage Steiff will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring along examples for review and discussion.
Cost: $0.

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