I'm Looking For...

Here's what dolls, doll parts, or doll accessories our club members are seeking. 

Please contact the member directly if you can help out. This page is not to be used for commercial purposes. The club provides this listing as a member to member service and is not responsible for any aspect of any transaction. 

A 1920s-era Steiff Albert Schlopsnies doll - Rebekah K. 

An auburn or brown mohair wig, size 7, for a fashion doll - Sue P.

A set of antique leather/kid arms for a china doll,  about 6.5 inches long.  They can be all leather or the upper arms could be cloth and lower arms should be leather - Pam B. 

Looking for suggestions on the best way to store vintage Barbie cloths; should I mount them onto cardboard and shrink wrap them? - Pam B. 

A circa 1957-1959 Cissette short pink half-slip, approximately 3" long, with val lace - Diane M.

A Cissette blue picture hat with three white roses on top as pictured here on the left
 - Diane M. 

Size 12 dark brown antique single Jumeau shoe with bow on toe as pictured here on the left – Liisa N.


Withington doll auction catalogues from 1983 to 1991 - Sue N.

A Little Miss Revlon, preferably a brunette in good shape and also a Miss Revlon 15 inch doll - Ivy P.

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