2017 Regional Memories

After all the years of planning, I think most of us are rather stunned that the Regional event is behind us. From my personal viewpoint, it was a crazy whirlwind of joy and exhaustion.  I have asked for a few words from people about their experience at the 2017 DSCB Regional:

“For me the regional experience was similar to the feeling one gets when you hike a mountain. You start with a slow, steady climb upward which becomes more challenging and requires more determination as you get closer to the summit. Once at the summit, you are overwhelmed with the feeling of relief and satisfaction. You feel proud to have accomplished such a feat, and will remember the experience for a lifetime.” -P.B.

"The regional experience was extraordinary. I would like to thank everyone for their help in making it happen. A special tip of the hat to Donelle and Ivamarie for their exceptional leadership, management, and planning. I especially enjoyed the event’s programs, most given by DSCB members, and sat through many of them. It is amazing the breadth and depth of knowledge we have and are willing to share as a club. I am grateful to be affiliated with such a fantastic group of enthusiasts." -R.K.

“The best part of the Regional for me was this crazy story which happened behind the scenes..LOL. I had my speech in my bag with me at all times.. EXCEPT Saturday night when I was to present the gifts to Donelle and Ivamarie. I contemplated winging it, but since I get flustered I decided to make a run for the room just before the salads came out I made a mad dash to my room to find the paper with the speech on it, that was the 4th floor. BUT my room key wouldn't work! I flew down to the lobby, back up to the room, found the speech and was back at the table in time to get a nice big glass of wine from VP#2 Barbara..I thought I would be a nervous wreck but I wasn't. Thank you DSCB for being a confidence builder for me !”-C.B.

"For two years I had greatly anticipated all the wonderful programs and seminars listed for the regional and was pleasantly surprised that the ultimate results far surpassed my expectations. Every minute detail was thoroughly thought out and presented and displayed so cleverly; it reflected the tremendous work efforts from our clubs. While waiting in line for the “Beth Loves Dolls” program, I was speaking with Janet Gula and she said she was having a wonderful time, no doubt she was most impressed with the well-thought out programs and presentations at this regional... By the end of the banquet I was truly exhausted, but so thrilled that I managed to take advantage of all the programs I wanted. This Boston regional was totally worth waiting for, and as a result I feel closer to our club members because of all that we shared, we really are “kindred spirits.”-J.S.

“Fate seemed to have a role in our sharing room 222 for my first Regional. The elder's roommate had to cancel, leaving her alone. The younger had not committed to a room as she foolishly thought she could commute nightly to New Hampshire! Yes, it would be a good arrangement and sign up, we did ! She in the lobby with her white head of curls, blue eyes and an engaging smile for everyone. Pulling her travel bag, she was not deterred by the plastic door key and kindly demonstrated its operation! Prompt action was taken to place all her toiletries on "her" side of the sink. Draws filled and a quick room appraisal completed, this octogenarian was a veteran of over fifty doll conventions. Sweet, sensitive and sharp as a tack, my"roommie" knew her routine. Naps were important and regularly elevating those somewhat edematous ankles was vital to the convention event. Her practical yet knowledgeable mind , coupled with kindness and keen wit endeared her to me. Could it have been that this special woman reminded me of my mother...a dear woman who earned her own place in the doll world?... At night, we would share the days events. With pride, she would reflect on the history of her grandmother and mother, both of whom influenced her study of dolls. Humbled but grateful, the honor she received in recognition of all she represented in our world of bisque and china was so meaningful to her. The yellow corsage was carefully placed on 'her' side of the sink... Marion McLean, loved by all. You will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for the privilege of sharing room 222.” -T.B.

"I have a whole scene set up with my two Maggie dolls and all the wonderful favors we got to use with them. Yes, I did hit that button to get Amy, too and I'm ever so glad I did. The Regional, my first, was great. I think it was beyond my expectations. I've been to several "club" national conventions like Madam Alexander and three National UFDC conventions. This regional can only be compared to the UFDC convention in a very favorable manner. It was like a mini UFDC and I loved it. It was fun working to help make it happen and I'm so glad I followed everyone's advice to sign up the minute the forms came out three years ago. This was one event I wouldn't have wanted to miss!" -S.R.

"This event was wonderful. The time and care that everyone involved in this event was so evident. The children had so many activities and were certainly exposed to the joy of collecting. It was an excellent model for future events. I was so happy to be have the opportunity to visit. The Black Gold Club should be very proud of its accomplishments. The DOLL NEWS article will be an inspiration to other clubs. Thank you all for your efforts and continued support for our Jr. Collectors.” -L.N.

The truly wonderful Jean Grout passed away on May 10, 2017. On May 5th, she presented the program “Dolls in the Garden” at the Meg Loves to Garden luncheon at our Boston area event. She made us all laugh with her doll pictures and jokes.  We know she was surrounded in her final days with doll friends she loved, and who more than loved her back.

We will miss her more than words can say.

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